Posted on February 21, 2012 by Karen Baer


According to Sam Moreau, Director of User Experience for Windows, Windows 8 is “a complete reimagination of the Windows operating system.” So while focusing on and updating modern PC capabilities, it only makes sense (to me), that they leave no rock unturned, that they, as Moreau stated, explore everything and evolve. This includes their logo:

Windows 8 Logo

In redesigning the logo, Microsoft had three goals in mind:

  1. That it be modern and classic and go with the new Metro style design.
  2. That it be “authentically digital”.
  3. That it be humble, confident, and personalized.

But is it too far from the multi-colored look of the past? Is it too much like the logo of Windows 1.0? Does it really deviate from the appearance of a flag, or does it scream Finland? What are people saying?

The Good:
“I like it. It’s simple, clean and ties in nicely to the Metro UI.” – Allistair Crossley

“The new Windows 8 logo is pure genius. It has captured attention, it is driving discussion, and it has clearly established itself in just a few days as a unique, distinguished symbol of the future of Windows.” – Tony Bradley, PCWorld

“All the criticism is flat out wrong. The new Windows 8 logo is a winner.” – Clinton Stark, StarkInsider

The Bad:
“Considering how strikingly different Windows 8 is from any Windows OS that’s come before it, this austere and slightly dull design is a bit of a disappointment.” – Lance Ulanoff, Mashable

“It’s hard for me to see how this is a great leap forward in design from the Windows 1.0 logo. I realize that this is all very much a matter of taste, but to me the blue window panel in the original is more eye-catching than the tilted blue panel in the Windows 8 version.” – E.D. Kain, Forbes Magazine

“It’s a simple one-colour logo that emphasises Windows 8’s simple design, but it’s so bland that it doesn’t convey anything important about the new operating system.” – Sean Ludwig, VentureBeat

“The new Windows logo washes away the familiar color scheme and any resemblance to earlier variations. It’s a rectangle cut vertically and horizontally by two lines. The logo lacks dimension, depth or distinction.” – Joe Wilcox, Beta News

The Ugly:
“The Windows 8 logo gives me a window, but I want to jump out of it.” – Larry Dignan, ZDNet

“I think it’s very appropriate to have 4 Blue Screens of Death coming right toward you. Pretty much captures my Windows experience, anyway.” – David Van Brunt

“What the new #Windows8 logo actually is.” (see image below from Twitter)

Windows 8 Logo Spoof

“Microsoft should have hired me, ‘cause I could have done this in 10 minutes and charged only $100.” – Random dude named Ben

So, what do you think? Good, bad, or just plain ugly?