Posted on May 9, 2012 by admin


Windows 8 Windows StoreThe Android Market. The iPhone App Store. By now, nearly everyone has heard of one or both of these virtual shopping centers for mobile apps. With the arrival of Windows 8, another will be added to that list – the Windows Store. It will be at the heart of Windows 8 and will make it possible for people to download or purchase the new “apps” that go along with the new operating system (OS).

Apps and Downloads

Like app stores for other platforms, the Windows Store will allow users to download applications compatible with their OS, be they mobile or desktop apps. It will allow them to get everything from very expensive, business applications like Microsoft Office to inexpensive or free, third-party applications that enhance the Windows 8 experience.

Microsoft will be allowing independent developers to build apps, but they will only be able to distribute those apps through the Windows Store.  This way, Microsoft can check the apps that developers upload to make sure that they’re safe for users. This element of control in the online store will function to protect users and the OS itself.

Limits on Apps

There are some limitations on what kind of apps can be uploaded to the Windows Store. The following are banned:

  • Adult content
  • Content that glamorizes illegal activity
  • Obscenity and defamatory software
  • Apps that facilitate illegal activity

The guidelines are not surprising and are pretty much in line with Microsoft’s image as a business-friendly platform. The restrictions should not prevent any legitimate developers from getting their work featured in the Windows Store.

Will it Last?

The Windows Store will be a particularly big draw for those who own tablets, as those will not support all applications that run on Windows 8 and will require software specifically from the Windows Store. Whether the Windows Store will be as popular as its rivals, however, will probably depend more on the customer’s preference for devices and whether they run a Windows OS than the actual usefulness of the store. Only time will tell.