Posted on February 23, 2012 by Rick Beckley


Several years ago, the owner and CEO of one of our partner companies was getting married in India.  Marriages in India are a big deal — sometimes week-long celebrations — and I was extremely excited for the opportunity to attend.  I traveled the 4 hours from Knoxville to Atlanta and boarded the plane for the 12-hour flight to Amsterdam, the first leg of the trip.  The seats are roomier, and you actually get more than peanuts or pretzels on international flights, but I was more than relieved to get off the plane.  I grabbed my bags and proceeded through immigration, where I handed over my passport and ticket. Me trying to get into India

The immigration officer gave me the once over and asked, “Visa?”

“Visa?” I repeated.  “What the heck?  I already paid for everything.” But I proceeded to grab my wallet from my back pocket and handed him my Visa credit card.

“Sir, your travel visa?”

That, I did not have.   So, I picked up a super expensive T-shirt from one of the airport’s gift shops before boarding my next plane — not for India, but for Atlanta once again. Yes, I went across the world, and all I got was a stupid T-shirt.

I couldn’t do a thing about making it to India.  I couldn’t beg, plead, or slip anyone a hundred bucks to make everything ok.  No one could change the fact that I didn’t have a visa in hand at that moment in time.   Permission denied!

Near real time changes do not exist in the land of immigration.  But you know where they do? In the hands of Adesso clients.  See how easily I transition from tragedy and humiliation to triumph?

Offline Database SyncAdmin PortalA key feature in the deployment of an Adesso solution is the ability to control who has access to applications as well as the information contained in those applications.  Using the SyncAdmin portal, the administrator can control a user’s access down to the field level and update his/her permissions in near real time (take note Amsterdam Airport Schiphol).  This controls the access of those using the Adesso client or visiting an Adesso-based web portal.

I manage quite a few Adesso users.  Each one has a particular set of credentials and permissions based on usernames and passwords.  Adesso can manage an individual user’s permissions, or the individual users can be put into groups.  Those groups can then be assigned a particular set of permissions.  This process makes data management easier for a large group of people that are working on the same project.

As an example, one user at a large medical maintenance company contacted me while I was on my fun-filled trip to the Amsterdam Airport.  He wanted several updates to a particular table.  I made the requested changes and told him and the associated users to sync.  Since the Adesso client works on- and off-line, changes like that are pushed down from the server when the user syncs.  I made the requested edit, but he stated that he could not see any change on his end.  By taking a quick look at his permissions, I realized he had switched to another computer, which belonged to a previous user. By simply changing his credentials, I was able to fix the problem from across the world.

Permission granted!