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Microsoft always releases operating systems in different versions for different types of users. Windows 8 will be no different than any of their other releases. As is typical, there will be versions designed for business users and home users, but Microsoft is also releasing a version for very technically advanced users, which may make for an interesting twist on the usual software release.

Available Editionswindows 8 versions

Windows 8 editions include four products. They are:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8 Enterprise
  • Windows 8 Pro
  • Windows RT

User Categories

Standard users: Windows 8 will be the basic version of the operating system and will be suitable for the vast majority of users. This version of the operating system will be the right choice for those who just want to boot up their computer, have everything work, and get to enjoying the experience.

Large businesses/corporations: Windows 8 Enterprise is obvious in terms of its target audience . This version is the one that large businesses and corporations will roll out on their computers.

Advanced users: For those who want a bit more control, there is Windows Pro. It’s designed for business users who may need more customization options for their computers. Unlike Windows Enterprise and Windows RT, however, this version will also be available to consumers.

Equipment manufacturers: Windows RT is only available for equipment manufacturers. It’s the version of Windows 8 designed for ARM-based tablets, and you cannot buy this version for one computer. You have to buy it in volume, and it will not be available in stores.

Microsoft Built It, Now Who Will Come?

The rate of adoption of Windows 8 remains to be seen. In the past, Windows has had some versions that have received rather widespread and fast adoption in business settings—XP, for example—but has also seen some versions flounder, such as Vista. The preview version of Windows 8 can give you insight into what this operating system has to offer. If you’re not ready to commit to the trial, however, remember that more and more information is being released as the hype around the new operating system grows…and we’ll be doing our best to make sure you can find that information here!