Highly Granular Permission Controls

Set read, write, modify, add, delete, and export permission controls for even a single column in a table per user or user group.

Need a particular person or group of persons to not see the values of some fields in your database?  Not a problem.  Just set the permissions up however you choose, right over a web browser, and those permissions changes are enabled in real time.

Four Types of Sync Per User, Per Table

  • -Fully bi-directional sync
  • -Sync from server to client only
  • -Sync from client to server only
  • -No sync

With Adesso, you can actually set up a different sync type for each table in your application for each and every single one of your users or user groups. This gives you a huge amount of control on what data are pushed up to the server from the user, and what data are pushed down to the user.

Four Types of Conflict Resolution Per User, Per Table

  • -Server record overwrites local
  • -Local overwrites server
  • -Keep both
  • -Ask the user how to handle during sync

Want to fully automate conflict resolution?  No problem! Just select server override or local override, and you are done.  Prefer to give one of your users full control over conflict resolution for a particular table? That’s easy — just set up conflict resolution for that user and table combination.  Then, when the user syncs his or her app, if there is a conflict, a popup window will appear, displaying the two records side by side and highlighting the values in the fields with the data discrepancy.  The user can then pick one over the other and optionally select to treat all other similar conflicts the same way.

SQL Statement Filters in Either or Both Sync Directions

If you want to filter records for particular users or user groups (so certain records are not visible to them, for example), you can do this easily and in near real time. Simply add filters in either sync direction from Adesso’s SyncAdmin panel.   You can use either the basic SQL editor for basic filtering or the advanced editor to create join statements and use more complex filtering.

Audit Trails When You Need Them

Need to know who has edited a particular value in a column or deleted a record?  No problem.  Set audit trails for the following table events:

  • -Add record
  • -Delete record
  • -Modify value for any column(s)

Two Types of Credentialing

Use Adesso Server’s built-in credentialing system, or if you prefer, use your own existing Microsoft Active Directory.  We give you the flexibility to decide.

Integrate Your Existing SQL Server Application with Adesso Server

Already built your database layer in Microsoft SQL Server but need a robust sync mechanism to handle offline users and use cases?  No problem.  With Adesso Server, you don’t need to rebuild your schema, just use your existing one.  Since Adesso uses SQL Server as its datastore, it plays nice with existing SQL Server database applications.  Adding sync to your existing SQL Server application is simple and easy with Adesso.

Advanced Controls from A Single Admin Portal

Use Adesso Server to control the table sync order of any application, view sync activities on a per-user or per-machine basis, start or stop synchronization, allow or disallow saving of passwords by users, and create/manage multiple accounts, users, and user groups, all from a web browser.  All in real time.

When it comes to sync, Adesso is second to none.  That’s why Duke Energy, American Electric Power, Arcadis, and other firms rely on Adesso for their complex data needs.

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