If you are an Adesso user or are at all familiar with our products, then you know how versatile our software platform is. It’s already been used in several industries and could be adapted for use in many more. For example – we started off primarily as an environmental company, performing site investigations and monitoring for federal, state, and private companies. Adesso appealed to us because we were collecting large amounts of data outside, often in adverse conditions, and it gave us a way to do that without having to deal with pen and paper. In short, Adesso made our lives easier while also making us more efficient.

In that spirit, we are rolling out a new product this spring / summer called ezCoC™ – Chain of Custody Preparation the Easy Way. Separate from Adesso, this is a web-based service used to create and track lab chain of custody (CoC) forms. While electronic CoCs are not a new technology, ezCoC™ is based on the premise of Software as a Service, allowing anyone with a computer or mobile phone and an Internet connection to use the system.

ezCoC Website
Visit the website!

Basic overview – a user (environmental scientist, geologist, etc.) logs into the ezCoC™ website to create a CoC form for a sampling event and submits it to the lab. He / she collects the samples and, using our mobile app, signs the samples over to the lab courier (or the CoC can be printed and signed). The user and lab can now track the sample progress online at ezcoc.com.

If you are interested in learning more about ezCoC™, you can click here to see an overview of the benefits, both for field users and labs.  You can also click here for some videos that will give you a look into the system.

The point of all of this, however, is not just to introduce to you a new product. It’s a reminder that the world is constantly evolving. You can either sit back and watch it happen, you can evolve with it, or you can take the lead and be the one helping to shape the future of your industry. Be on the lookout for new products, new ideas, new ways to improve what you’re already doing. And if you find one that looks interesting, give it a try!

Written By:
Jennifer Porterfield
Terraine, Inc.