Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Adesso Version 5.0?

Adesso Version 5.0 is the latest release of our Adesso software, and we have made quite a few significant changes to improve the usability and customer experience.

How do I download the Adesso Client?

If you are currently a client and need to download Adesso, follow these instructions:

    • User Name: adessouser
    • Password: adesso
  1. Click on the appropriate folder (eg, if you are downloading the Adesso Client for your PC, click on Adesso Installation Files for PC)
  2. Look in the Description column for the latest version of the Adesso Client, and then click on the file Name to download

In order to subscribe to applications, you will need to have the login information provided to you by your account administrator.

How do I enter my username and password into Adesso Client?
From within Adesso Client, go to Tools–>Synchronization Options–>Servers (tab): Adesso Server Login From there you should see a list of servers.  If you don’t, you can create a new one by clicking on the ‘New’ button.  If a server is already listed, double-click on it (or tap on it if using a PPC), and then enter your credentials there.  See the image below: Adesso Server Login Box Server Address: this is the server address for Adesso Server.  If your application is hosted on the digitalformz server, then the server address is E-Mail Address: this is your username.  Enter it here. Password: enter your password.
How quickly will changes I make be seen by other users?

Using our robust synchronization engine, changes that you make to a database schema are propagated to users as soon as they synchronize. You can update the kind of data you collect and be collecting that data in the field in minutes.

I uploaded an image to my application but cannot see it. How do I view my image?

The application administrator has probably limited the size of downloaded fields so that binary data, like images, do not download automatically.

Go to the view that shows the binary data you want to download.

Adesso Binary Data

This icon indicates that the binary link is broken: Adesso Broken Icon. Click on the checkbox next to that icon, and it should change to the marked-for-download icon: Adesso Marked Icon

If there is no checkbox, right-click on the broken file icon; in the pop-up menu, select Mark to download fields > [field name]/[file]. If you want to download all missing fields, select Mark to download fields > Download all missing binary fields.

If there is no checkbox and no icon, right-click on Incomplete download, and in the pop-up menu, select either of the above-mentioned options. The text should be replaced with Marked for download.

Once you have marked the file for download, you must synchronize the application in order to download the file.

Sync Errors

Why do I get a "Self-Registration Error" when I try to sync?

If receive the error shown below when you try to sync your application, you must go here: and download and install the file at this URL in order to fix the error. Adesso Self-Registration Error

I cannot connect to the server. I receive a "failed to connect" error when syncing.

In order to synchronize your Adesso Client with the Adesso Server, you need to have a live connection to the Internet.  Launch your web browser on either your PC or PPC and navigate to a popular website such as,,, etc.  If you can’t get to a popular website, then you are not connected to the Internet.  Once you have established a live Internet connection, then go back to your Adesso Client and sync your app.

I get a “synchronization error” whenever I try to sync up the database. What do I need to do?

You need to make sure that you have a live Internet connection, and that the connection is active and working well. If you are using a PPC, you need to either be connected to the Internet via a WiFi card or via a connection to a computer through the ActiveSync conduit. (Note: you must be using ActiveSync 4.2 or greater in order to connect a PPC to the Internet using a computer.)

In order to check your Internet connection, launch your web browser and visit any popular website, such as Once at a site like Google, do a search for an unusual item, (flying frogs, for example) to make sure you are not loading a cached file. If your connection is spotty (such as a poor WiFi connection), you may need to wait until your connection improves before synchronizing. If you are trying to sync up in a hotel, you may need to agree to that hotel’s Internet usage policy before your Internet connection is established. To do this, launch your web browser and agree to the terms and conditions of their Internet usage policy prior to trying to sync up Adesso.

If you have verified that you have an active, live Internet connection with a good connection, check your synchronization log for details about the error. To get there, click or tap on Tools > Synchronization Options > Log tab. Scroll to the bottom of the log and read about the last synchronization attempt. In most cases, the error is related to not being able to communicate with the server. If you continue to receive this error, close Adesso completely, re-launch Adesso and try again.

If the synchronization error log indicates that the current username is different from the one that originally synchronized the database, you will need to change the username back to the original username and password. Each local copy of the database is tied to an individual username, and usernames are not interchangeable. In order to change the username of the database, you will need to delete the local copy of the database from the device, and re-subscribe to the database using the new username (Tools > Download New > Subscribed).

If you are still having trouble synchronizing the application, make sure you have enough free memory available on the PPC. You may need to stop active running applications on the PPC in order to free up more memory. To do this, tap on the Start menu, then on Settings > System > Memory > Running Programs tab.

Note: PPCs can be connected to the Internet on a Windows Vista PC. To do that, on the Vista PC, click on Start > Control Panels > Sync Center. Although technically a PPC can be connected to the Internet using a Macintosh computer, this is accomplished primarily through a Windows emulator like Parallels, and the native Macintosh OS has not been tested by Terraine for PPC connectivity.

What does it mean if I receive a records conflict during synchronization?

If you receive a data conflict when synchronizing the database, this means that a particular server record appears to have been altered and differs from the record on the local database. The server will highlight the record for you, will display the server record and local record next to each other and will give you the option of replacing the local record with the server record, replacing the server record with the local record or keeping both records.  If you do not know what record is more accurate, you can tell it to retain both records, and someone on the database management side can correct the issue later.  Generally speaking, server records may be more accurate than local records, so by default, you could, in theory, select to replace local with server. However, before you do this, consult with your database administrator first.

Design Issues

How do I count the number of records in a miniview and then show that on a view?
  1. Create a field on the child table with datatype integer, display type expression and value of 1.
  2. Next, create a field on the parent table with data type integer and expression with SUM(child field).
  3. Place that field on the parent form, below the one-to-many grid of the child table.


Can traffic be transmitted over SSL (port 443)?

Yes, Adesso can transmit over standard port 80 and over port 443 via SSL. 

To enable this, from Adesso Client, go to: Tools–>Synchronization Options–>Servers (tab):

Adesso Servers Tab

Double-click (or tap if using PPC) on a server.  If you are establishing a new server, click on the ‘New’ button. Click on the ‘Advanced’ button:

Adesso Server Login

 Check the box for SSL:

Additional Server Info  

SSL is not working. What should I do?

Check the system date on your device.  If the system date on your device is not current, then it may throw an exception. 


What hardware do I need to run Adesso?

Adesso runs on laptops, desktops, tablet PCs, UMPCs, and pocket PCs. Any device that uses a Windows operating system can run Adesso.

What Pocket PC add-ons are supported?

Our technology supports the following add-ons:


  • RFID Scanner/Reader
  • 1D or 2D Bar Code Scanner
  • GPRS/GSM Phone Card
  • Portable Printer
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Audio Recording
  • Signature Capture
  • Sketchpad
My Pocket PC “died” and ran out of power. Did I lose all my records?

PPCs have an inherent system flaw in that they use up a small amount of power even when powered down. In general, PPCs, when left alone and unplugged, will use up the batteries in about a week. Therefore, it is advisable to keep PPCs charged up when not in use. Leaving them charged will not harm them.

If your PPC has “died” and Adesso is no longer on it, that means you will need to re-install Adesso and the applications on the Pocket PC.  If you synchronized the PPC before it died, then you have not lost any data because you essentially “pushed” the new data on the PPC out to the server already.  If, however, you did not synchronize the PPC before it “died,” and you did not back up the data anywhere, then it is very likely that you will have lost some data.  In order to reduce the potential for lost data, we recommend the following process:

  • Back up the database regularly during field work
  • Synchronize the database to the server immediately after completion of the workday and only after backing it up first
  • Leave the PPC connected to a power source after field work and leave it connected until your next field visit

If you use more recent Motorola, Trimble or TDS Pocket PC products, you will not lose Adesso or data even if the PPC completely loses power. This is because, unlike other providers, their products contain non-volatile memory. However, it is still advised to follow the process as described above in order to reduce the potential for any data problems.

How Do I Retrieve Records from PDAs via Export?

Instructions for Retrieving Records from PDAs via Export

Open Adesso and the Adesso Application (EDGEWater in this case)

Choose the table from which you wish to export the records (Well_Segment in this example)

PDAs are very tricky as far as allowing you to select multiple records, for ease of use, hold down the mouse button to access the right click menu and Select All


Alternately, you can choose Export Selected Records to export them one at a time.

Once you have the selected, hold down the mouse button again to access the right click menu and select Export Selected Record(s)


For ease of use, select CSV and check the box for Fieldname then click OK.


Name the file and choose the Save location (Test and Business used in this example) This is so you can find it later. Click Save.


Adesso will export the files and prompt when finished. Click Ok.


From ActiveSync, click Explore.


Navigate to where you saved the .csv file and drag it to your desktop. You will need to do this for every table you wish to retrieve.