Last night I recorded a video on how to build a basic Adesso application in about 20 minutes.  In the video I mention building it in 15 minutes.  That was the goal.  However, it took me about 5 minutes more than that to build, and then another few minutes to populate it with records to show the user what it looks like when its completed.   Regardless of the time, an application from concept to reality in under 25 minutes is pretty good.  It’s not difficult, and since the application is essential a live app, it can be improved upon over time, features added, tables and fields added, etc.

What I showed in the video was how to build a simple inspection form application, where a user would fill out some details of the location or facility being inspected, and then the user would fill out the actual inspection results and sign the form.  Common elements such as a listbox, checkboxes, and free-form text entry fields were present on the form.  The sample inspection form I used for this topic is presented below, followed by the video.