An Appreciation for Adesso’s Rich Sync Engine and APIs

I’ve built quite a few database-driven web applications using Adesso, so I am quite familiar with its offline capability, its integrated design environment (IDE), and its synchronization engine. After all, I started using Adesso all the way back in 2003. Sure, it’s a bit dated now (we are working on this…more details to follow on a forthcoming blog article). But there is still—even in 2013—absolutely no sync engine out there that can match Adesso Sync. If you think otherwise, prove it to me. I welcome the challenge.

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Outgrowing Spreadsheets

I’ve been using spreadsheet software since the days when Lotus 1-2-3 and IBM PC-XTs ruled the business world. No doubt that spreadsheets are awesome. Easy to use, extremely flexible and powerful, even in today’s world of all things digital.

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Personal Users and Windows 8

When Windows 8 hits the market, many home users who upgrade or purchase new devices with the updated operating system (OS) will likely face some confusion. For most of the years that Microsoft Windows has been on the market…

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