Abbott Laboratories, American Electric Power, Arcadis, Duke Energy, GE Healthcare, and other leading Global 1000 companies have used Adesso in one or more of their mission-critical internal processes.

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Since 2002

About Terraine, Inc.

Adesso was originally created in 2002 by Adesso Systems Inc. in Boston Massachusetts.   This was in the era when Windows was king and smartphone technology consisted of the Palm OS and Windows Pocket PC/Windows Mobile.  iPhones and Androids were non-existent at that time, and internet connectivity was spotty or non-existent in many remote areas.  As of 2015, all of this has changed dramatically.  iOS and Android currently dominate, and internet connectivity issues in remote locations has improved substantially.

This means that technologies such as Adesso, which were critical at one time, are not as critical anymore, except for mission-critical applications and processes where downtime or data losses because of a poor signal are simply unacceptable.  This is where Adesso shines: mission-critical processes that have to work regardless of connectivity.

Adesso has been improved substantially over the years, and v5 is the latest production version. It is now a mature product that has been used by many organizations collecting massive amounts of data for their mission-critical internal applications and workflows.  It is secure, IT department-friendly, and works well in Microsoft-centric environments.

Currently in development is v6 of Adesso.  Latest efforts consists of porting the Adesso sync engine to SQLLite on Android devices.  v6 release date is expected by the end of 2015.


In 2008 Terraine, Inc. acquired the intellectual property of Adesso Systems Inc. At that time, Terraine had been using Adesso for several internal use applications as well as development of applications using their technology for others, including SM Stoller and American Electric Power.  After acquiring the Adesso IP, Terraine essentially became the caretaker of the Adesso source code.

It was during that time that Terraine decided to shutter the Adesso Tubes effort (similar to what Dropbox is today) and refocus the product on enterprise application development. Doing this took some effort, since the source code and build machines were scattered among multiple desktop and server machines, many of which were really old.  A senior level network admin was brought in to clean up the mess and virtualize everything into VMWare machines.  Former Adesso employees were also retained, and eventually v4 of Adesso was released, which improved the Adesso Client to a more recent .NET Framework as well as improved Adesso Server features including instantiation and data propagation.

Terraine has utilized the Adesso platform to build a number of applications for both internal use and external clients. These applications include parts control, personnel management, project management, accounting and billing, equipment maintenance, health inspections, and many more.  More information about Terraine can be found on their website.

**NOTE** As of 12/31/16, Terraine no longer uses the Adesso Platform for new development projects.

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